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Introduction to HVAC design

This intensive course covers a broad topic of HVAC. It is aimed at mechanical engineers with good understanding of thermo- and fluid- dynamics but little experience in HVAC design. The course starts by looking at the need for HVAC and typical applications. We then review each of the key parts of the discipline: Ventilation, Heating, Cooling, Dehumification, Refrigeration as well as control and instrumentation.

As all our courses this one aims at equipping engineers with practical knowledge and techniques that help them design safe and efficient systems. Throughout the course we take time for practical exercises to give attendees hands on experience of calculations and design, which helps increase understanding.

At the end we look at the common standards applicable to HVAC and discuss several specialist subjects that from various industries, primarily: offshore, marine and industrial / process.

Course Outline







Course Details
Length 3 days
Aimed At Engineers, Designers, Project Managers
Discipline HVAC, Mechanical
Delivery Lectures, Practicals
Cost at Client Site. Estimate based on 8 trainees. £5800 (+VAT)- Enquire for a Quote
Cost at Scheduled Course £680 (+VAT)
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