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Piping Design to ASME B31.1

This four day intensive course provides attendees with good understanding of the ASME B31.1 piping code, its background and approach to design of safe piping systems. The course is full of hands on exercises, giving the attendees an opportunity to work through the code and get better understanding of it.

The course starts with overview of the piping projects and basics of pipework design and fabrication, this lays foundations. The course, follows by providing overview of the codes and the principles underlying them. Many key equations underpinning the design code have a complex history, in the course we explain the process of their derivation and the underlying assumptions, to help engineers better interpret the code and make correct decisions regarding the safety of the design.

Course Outline


Course Details
Length 4 days
Aimed At Engineers, Designers, Project Managers
Discipline Piping
Delivery Lectures, Practicals
Cost at Client Site. Estimate based on 8 trainees. £7500 (+VAT)- Enquire for a Quote
Cost at Scheduled Course £980 (+VAT)
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