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Piping Design to ISO EN 13480

ISO EN 13480 is the European Standard for Metallic Industrial Piping and has a very wide scope used in many industries including: power, nuclear, ships, offshore, petrochemical, etc

This four day course details the requirements of the code, focusing on the design requirements from 13480-3. For completeness the requirements for Materials (part 2), Fabrication and Installation (part 4) and Inspection and testing (part 5)  are also covered.

The course starts with overview of the piping systems and piping projects. We review the history of piping codes and layout of ISO EN 13840. The course then systematically works through the details of the code, providing practical examples for attendees to work through to get hands on experience of using the code.

In this course we discuss in detail the principles of stress design for piping, the techniques used in the code and underpinning assumptions. The course covers the Computer Aided Engineering and analysis using software.

The course finishes with comparison of ASME B31.3 and the ISO EN 13480 to help those who have to work with both codes.



Course Details
Length 4 days
Aimed At Engineers, Designers, Project Managers
Discipline Piping
Delivery Lectures, Practicals
Cost at Client Site. Estimate based on 8 trainees. £7500 (+VAT)- Enquire for a Quote
Cost at Scheduled Course £980 (+VAT)
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