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Sizing of components - pumps, fans, pipework, control valves, relief valves, compressors, air receivers

This course is aimed at mechanical / piping / process engineers tasked with design of the piping systems. The course covers basic procedures for sizing of key components of a piping system. This will arm engineers with techniques needed for correct selection of equipment and help design safe and efficient systems.
The course covers sizing of pipework (diameter), pumps (in terms of head and flow), fans, compressors and air receivers. On the last day, we also look at pressure relief valves and control valves.
To help good understanding of the techniques the course is full of practical exercises, where attendees have a chance to try out the calculations for set examples, this helps deepen the understanding of the subject and memorise the equations.
Correct sizing of equipment requires good engineering judgement to balance various parameters: cost, size, weight, pressure, maintenance requirements, materials, lead-time of equipment, etc. This course covers both the calculation techniques required to evaluate size requirements as well as the practical considerations of design.

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Course Details
Length 3 days
Aimed At Engineers, Designers, Project Engineers
Discipline Piping, Mechanical, Process
Delivery Lectures, Practicals
Cost at Client Site. Estimate based on 8 trainees. £5800 (+VAT)- Enquire for a Quote
Cost at Scheduled Course £750 (+VAT)
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