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Technical Safety of Systems

This course covers a broad topic of technical safety and design for safety of mechanical systems. The main focus is on piping / process systems, however all discussed topics have application across wider field of systems and the course would be beneficial for any engineers working in a multidisciplinary and complex projects especially ones that are safety critical.

The course starts with overview of technical safety and how it is managed. We review the concept of risk assessment and reduction. The course presents practical solution to management of safety in a developing design lifecycle and several of the most widely used hazard identification techniques. All techniques are reinforced with worked group exercises. Final part of the course provides some of the best practice in system design, looking at the common failures and hazards and common techniques for risk mitigation.

Course Outline



Course Details
Length 2 days
Aimed At Engineers, Project Managers, Design Managers
Discipline Mechanical, Safety, Process
Delivery Lectures, Practicals
Cost at Client Site. Estimate based on 8 trainees. £3200 (+VAT)- Enquire for a Quote
Cost at Scheduled Course £480 (+VAT)
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